What’s your favorite Jim Carrey movie?

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  1. blameittontheboys answered: The Trueman showwwww!!! <3
  2. homegr0wn answered: ace ventura
  3. greeneyedshadow answered: ALL OF THEM CAN’T PICK TBH
  4. secludedbay answered: truman show
  5. lokaky answered: Lair lair - Yes Man
  6. badgesture answered: propably ‘yes man’ :D
  7. tonycajiga answered: dumb and dumber
  8. dagnyandhank answered: The Grinch. Thought a whole 2 seconds on that one
  9. sharandhaliwal answered: Hard to pick! There’s too many!!
  10. simpledraft answered: aceventura!
  11. adrianna-the-girl-wonder answered: I can’t pick. I love them all.
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